It’s been a few rough days

I am going through a tough couple of days *le sigh* And whenever I’ve gone through tough times, well-meaning people have told me that God does not give us more than we can handle. And i believe it, for sure.

Walau yaa.. kadang pingin nangis, pingin marah, pingin teriaak “aaargh…” yang kenceng sambil jedukin kepala ke tembok tapi ya apa iya itu bisa menyelesaikan masalah?

Jadi yang bisa dilakukan hanya meng-hypno diri sendiri untuk stay positive coz Allah is always kind πŸ™‚

Resolusi tahun 2013 yang paling berat nih, ingin jadi orang yang lebih sabar, gak ngambekan, ga nangisan, dan belajar me-manage stress dengan baik.
I know that i can choose live in happiness no matter how many sticks and stones life throws at me, i am the only one who can dampen my own mood and my own happiness.

Hup, 2013. HUP!


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