Little Note

For my dearest hubby,
You’re someone who sees what a mess i can be, how moody i can get, and how hard i am to handle, but you still wants me in your life and always loves me unconditionally..

I can’t thank you enough for your generosity, dear.. :’)

Maybe someday you read this note and just in case i forgot to tell you, I want you to know how blessed i feel to have you..
I could not ask for more than the love you gave me cos it’s all I’ve waited for. And I could not ask for more..

I love you..

So God, please bless this man with inner peace, health, happiness, luck, serenity, love, good friends and patience in his life. Amin..


One day, best friend of mine told me that my life is too good to be true. Haha. It’s kidding.
Just like others, i do have flaws. But thank you for seeing me that way. It’s means i’m good in hiding my flaws 😉

Just like these couple of weeks, i have soooo many many problems that hit me without any compromise. I’ve gone through so many fights and arguments at my works. People tend to complicate things because it feels easier when there is something to blame on.

So exhausting.
All i want to do is no-talking-just-stay-inside-the-room-moments.

I know that it can not solve the problems and even made everything get worse, but i need time to break for a while to make a peace with all these problems, especially to make a peace with myself.

After all that, I think i have learnt alot from this difficult situation and how to deal with it. Then i know that life is amazing, because it hits me and hugs me within seconds. And in a minute, i learn something big, something new, something eye-opening. That life, moves quickly, and forward. And the only thing to do, is to enjoy the moments and to believe, that everything happens for a reason.

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